Fantastic Journey

23 08 2009


The Galaxy Global Eatery… is about Global cuisine – taking the most flavorful and innovative culinary ideas and ingredients from all over our world to produce a new and fresh cuisine that’s delicious, never boring and always engaging. We are a progressive establishment committed to living in harmony with the planet.


The Hemp Store

23 08 2009

Here we have some of our raw hemp ingredients available to buy, try it!

galaxy hemp protein powderGalaxy hemp oilgalaxy hempseed 1 lbGalaxy Hempnut 5lb

galaxy hempnut 1lb

The Galaxy BookStore

23 08 2009

Here are some great books we offer for those who are looking for true knowledge


You Can’t Eat Money

9 08 2009

An ancient Native American saying, that says it all. Truly our sustenance is in our pallate..How we nourish our vessel is paramount to our condition. With that said, The Galaxy Global Eatery brings quality food dishes from all over the world