Nonalcoholic Blends

Galaxy Bottled H2O    -2
Coconut Water    -3.50
Fresh Squeezed O.J.    -4
Pellegrino Sparkling Water    -4
Fizzy Lizzy Natural Soda    -4
Galaxy Lemonade/Limeade    -4
Chicha Morada        -4
Peruvian sweet blue corn    -4
drink with apple nuggets
Galaxy Mango Lassie        -4
Fresh Fruit Daily Refresco    -4.50
Hempnut Power Smoothie    -5
The Green Machine         -5
spinach leaves, banana,
pineapple juice &hemp
protein powder
Jungle Berry Smoothie    -6
with acai and guarana extract


Gourmet African Blend Coffee -2
Gourmet Decaf Columbian -2
Single Espresso    -2.50
Double Espresso    -3.75
Macchiato        -3
Cappuccino         -3.95
Latte             -3.50
Chai Latte         -3.50 iced -4
Mate Latte        -3.50 iced -4
(made with soy milk)
Iced Coco Chino    -4.50
mocha, espresso, hempnut,
vanilla ice cream

Elixir Tonics -4.00

Liquid Yoga
Apricots and herbs (jujube, Chinese peony, fleece flower, longan-Auklandia, et al.)

Depth Recharger
Mixed berries and herbs (American ginseng, Asiatic cornelia cherry, sweet-tea vine, et al.)

Virtual Buddha
Peaches and herbs (Asian ginseng, epimedium, reishi, sweet-tea vine, mandarin et al.)

Mind Over Muddle
Raspberries, plums, and herbs (Sweet-tea vine, Asian ginseng, guarana, yerba mate, green tea et al.)


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