Organic Rishi Teas

100% Organic Rishi Teas –Pot $3.50

Organic Yerba Mate
The ancient drink of health and friendship

Black Tea

Organic Chinese Breakfast
Energy boosting with a robust flavorful profile

Organic Earl Grey
Organic black tea and natural bergamot fruit

Red Lychee Black Tea

White Tea

Organic White Peony
Classic white tea prized for low astringency and savory finish

Green Tea

Organic Jasmine Green Tea
Green tea blended with fresh jasmine blossoms

Organic Green Jade
High quality green tea with a clean and refreshing character

Herbal Teasan
‘teas’ without caffeine

Organic Honey Bush (Rooibos)
Sweet, mellow, South African herbal,
with a rich earthy taste

Organic Red Bush (Rooibos)
Earthy vanilla taste, rich in
antioxidants, anti-aging

Ginger Lime Rooibos
A unique citrus flavor with notes of ginger
and rare spices

Organic Peppermint
A refreshing and stimulating tea

Fruit infusion, tart and sweet

Chamomile Medley
A blend of chamomile, jasmine
blossoms and other soothing botanicals

Organic Ginger
sweet zesty infusion and a boost
to the immune system

Tangerine Ginger
Full bodied with zesty notes of ginger and orange

Organic Unity
Immunity enhancing blend of Ayurvedic herbs,
including lemongrass and licorice


Rishi Masala Chai
Hand blended Chai with a robust body and spicy sweet flavor

Oolong Tea

Organic Wuyi Oolong
Premium Oolong tea from the cliffs of China’s Wuyi Mountains

Puh-er Teas

Organic Wild Tree Loose Tea
A tea harvested from wild trees with a well balanced smooth finish


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