Lunch/Dinner Menu


Edamame 5.95
Fresh sea salted soybeans

Yucatan Yucca Fries  5.95
with spicy banana ketchup

Esopus Creek Farm  5.95
Organic Veggies
Vegetable of the week,
herb sprinkled and roasted
to perfection

Soup of the Day 6.50

Galaxy UnChicken
Sugar cane soy protein skewers
coated with red quinoa, served
]with caper berry dipping sauce
and spicy banana ketchup

Spicy Japanese
with flowering rabe,
chili yuzu vinaigrette

Brazilian Rainforest
Duck Dumpling
with organic acerola
dipping sauce

Ko Samui Hempnut
Crusted Shrimp
with sweet Thai chili sauce,
mango salad

Crispy Calamari 11.95
with spicy rice wine dipping sauce


Thai’d Pizza  11.95
Grilled chicken, scallions,
turkey bacon, mozzarella,
pico de gallo, wrapped in a
pizza crust with peanut sauce

Galaxy Turkey Meatloaf 12.95
with roasted beat mashed
potatoes, sautéed spinach

Peruvian Yellow Chili
with soybean choclo succotash,
forbidden black rice

Indonesian Ostrich Curry 14.95
with mango, onion,
blackberry chutneys, chili and
coconut sambals, black
forbidden rice

Chief Crazy Horse
Buffalo Tiffin
organic grass fed bison chili,
sweet plantain tamale, corn
biscuit, edamame runner
bean salad

Lakota Bison Steak  15.95
with grilled bok choy,
roasted beet mashed potatoes

Grilled Thai Green Peppercorn
Duck Breast
with honey ginger soy glaze and
Japanese rice-yam



Poached Salmon 14.95
with lemongrass coriander broth,
braised napa cabbage and
vegetable roulard with crisp potato wafer

Hempnut Crusted Catfish 15.95
with Israel couscous biryani and
apple-dried cranberry salad


TBLT 7.95
turkey or tempeh bacon (add $1)
lettuce, tomato, bolo levado

Galaxy Burger 8.95

Turkey Burger 8.95

Hempnut Veggie Burger 8.95

Organic Aussie
Bison Burger
onions, fried egg, beet fries

Oaxacan Soft Tacos 10.95
choice of shrimp, tofu,
crispy catfish (add $2) or
lemon spiced grasshoppers,
black beans, jalapeno rice,
tomatillo salsa, guacamole

Smoked Eel Burger 11.95
beet fries, cucumber seaweed
salad, tonkatsu sauce


Esopus Creek Farm
Organic Baby Greens
choice of hemp miso,
poppy cumin, strawberry
ginger or date balsamic

MediterAsian Raw
Nut’n Fruit Salad
grapes, dates, apricots, lychees,
walnuts, hempseeds, hemp oil

Starlight Caesar Salad 9.95
Romaine hearts, frisse, fried
caper blossoms, cornmeal
crusted tofu, avocado, lotus
crostini & vegan hemp caesar
dressing (add shrimp, chicken,
or seitan for $2.50)

Tricolored Seaweed Salad 10.95
Wakame ginger, green seaweed,
hijiki, bean sprouts, cucumber,
bok choy, black sesame seeds,
poppy cumin vinaigrette

Wild Arugula Salad 8.95
Roasted beet, candied walnuts
and goat cheese with shitake
mushroom vinaigrette


Spicy Kim Chi Pancakes 7.95
with rice vinegar soy
dipping sauce

Cauliflower & Medjool
Date Tagine
with Tunisian quinoa

Hempnut Edamame Cakes 8.95
with hydro bibb lettuce, spicy
mango aioli

Rosemary Tofu Skewers 9.95
with green bamboo rice,
grilled papaya spears, Thai
hemp chili oil

BBQ Buffalo Seitan 10.95
with jasmine rice, spinach,
chipotle corn wheels, crispy
Japanese eggplant

Seitan Enchilada 10.95
red peppers, caramelized
onions, black beans, mozzarella,
tomatillo salsa, jalapeno rice,
guacamole, Antonio’s mole sauce


Rice Tempura Tofu Steaks 10.95
Iroquois choclo succotash, green
tea soba noodle pillow, carrot
ginger reduction

Neo Geo Pad Thai 10.95
Taro noodles, tofu, eggs, peanuts
portabello mushrooms, bean
sprouts, radish sprouts

Udon Hempesto 10.95
Organic pesto, bonconcini,
Esopus Creek cherry tomatoes,
fresh organic basil

Jap Chae 11.95
Green tea soba noodles,
shrimp or tofu, red
peppers, bamboo shoots,
long beans, sesame soy broth


Israel Couscous Biriyani 4.95

Tunisian Quinoa 4.95

Roasted Beet Mashed Potatoes 4.95

White Jasmine Rice 3.95

Forbidden Black Rice 4.95

Green Bamboo Rice 4.95

Spicy Cauliflower Florets 5.95

Cauliflower Mango Cakes 5.95

Sweet Plantain Tamales 4.95
with cilantro butter

Beet Fries 4.95

Ribbon Fries 4.95

Grilled Baby Bok Choy 5.95

Sautéed Garlic Spinach 5.95

Choclo Succotash 6.95


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